Public Policy

ACE NY aggressively advocates for public policies to support clean energy. The clean energy industry needs to have a voice in front of all of New York’s energy policy decision-makers:



For 10 years, ACE NY has served as the leading voice of the clean energy community, working towards protecting energy programs in the State’s Budget and advocating for policies such as net metering, fair siting rules for wind power, and tax incentives for clean energy. ACE NY works to foster coordination among policymakers and offers knowledge and expertise when it comes to creating sound and effective clean energy policies.

ACE NY actively monitors both the annual budget process and the legislative and state agency initiatives that affect the clean energy industry. We advocate for policies that promote the growth of New York's green economy while ensuring we make every effort to protect public health and our precious natural resources.

Members can view our Legislative Tracking page for more information.


NY’s Public Service Commission is unique among states for the breadth of its activities to promote clean energy; NY’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and restructuring were both done administratively by the PSC. ACE NY actively monitors a number of cases currently under the PSC’s consideration and works with DPS staff to develop sound clean energy policies.

Members can view our Executive Agency Tracking page for more information.


The New York Energy Research and Development Authority implements NY’s Clean Energy Fund, which supports four distinct portfolios: NY Green BankNY-Sun, Innovation and Research, and Market Development. The Market Development Portfolio includes all of NYSERDA’s energy efficiency programs, as well as market development activities for some renewable energy technologies. ACE NY tracks and monitors the Clean Energy Fund portfolios, and advocates to NYSERDA on behalf of the efficiency and renewables industries.


The Department of Environmental Conservation has several important roles in promoting clean energy. DEC serves on the Siting Board, which makes decisions about siting new power generation facilities, and issues permits that might be necessary for new renewable energy projects. DEC also implements NY’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions (RGGI) Program, also of interest to ACE NY members.


The policies of the New York Independent System Operation affect the renewable energy industry, from the interconnection procedures, to capacity market rules, to integration of renewables. ACE NY participates in NYISO committees as strategically requested by member companies or necessary to promote the interests of the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. 


Important clean energy policies in New York State:
  • A cornerstone policy for clean energy in New York is the Clean Energy Standard, which is designed to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030.
  • New York’s Clean Energy Fund complements the CES and supports energy efficiency as well as renewable technologies.
  • Solar and other distributed renewable energy is also supported in NY via NY-Sun and Net-Metering.
  • Emerging policies concerning the Value of Distributed Resources have the potential to re-shape our energy landscape with distributed sources.