New York must make energy efficiency a priority now
by Adam Procell and Andy Frank
July 6, 2017



With the federal government turning its back on commitments to combat climate change and promote clean energy, state leadership is needed more than ever. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has stepped up to the plate, working with other states to found the U.S. Climate Alliance, and by adopting strong policies to advance clean energy. Under the direction of Chairman of Energy and Finance Richard Kauffman, New York has laid out a bold plan known as Reforming the Energy Vision. 

Now that the state Senate has confirmed John Rhodes as the new Public Service Commission chairman and Phil Wilcox and Jim Alesi as commissioners, the commission is finally poised to follow through on REV's plan to scale up energy efficiency markets across the state. But action is needed now to meet the promise of REV.

The idea behind REV is to incorporate clean sources of energy, such as solar, wind and energy efficiency, into our electricity system on an equal footing with traditional energy and infrastructure. But, despite the fact that energy efficiency is often the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions and deliver other grid benefits, New York is only scratching the surface — and even losing ground in delivering this critical resource.