Legislature Tracking:

2019 Legislative Session

ACE NY is looking forward to a productive 2019 Legislative session with respect to clean energy policy.  ACE reviews all proposed bills and informs our member companies of bills relevant to renewables and energy efficiency. We distribute memos in support or opposition to bills with a significant impact, normally when those bills are put on a committee agenda. Those memos will be available here.

In 2019, we look forward to working with the newly elected Chair of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, Senator Kevin Parker, as well as the returning Chair of the Assembly Energy Committee, Assembly member Michael Cusick.

Our agenda will involve bills from the 2018 session as well as new initiatives, such as:

  • Support for a bill that would require utilities to procure renewable energy (referred to as the “Tier 2” bill  (See Memo below).
  • Opposition to any anti-renewable siting bills
  • Other initiatives to improve the market for renewable energy investment

ACE NY tracks many proposals in the NY state legislature, and issues memos in support of or in opposition to bills with a direct and significant impact on the clean energy industry.

2018 Legislation Supported by ACE NY

Bill # Same as Sponsor Subject ACE NY Memo
A.5646 S.4714 A: Walker
S: Montgomery
In Relation to a SolarEnergy Tax Credit Cap Increase Memo of Support
A.10150 S.8049 A: Carroll
S: Lanza
In Relation to Extending Solar Tax Abatement in NYC Memo of Support
A.10474 S.8273

A: Englebright
S: Griffo

In Relation to Ensuring Market Certainty by Retaining Retail Net Metering until 2021 Memo of Support
A.8248-A S.6600-A A: Morelle
S: Amedore
In Relation to Certificates of Registration for Entities that Manufacture or Assemble Zero Emissions Vehicles Memo of Support
A.7275-C S.5549-C A:Jenne
In Relation to Maintaining the Continued Viability of the State’s Existing Large-Scale, Renewable Energy Resources Memo of Support
A.5541-A S.5119-A A: Paulin
S: Griffo
In Relation to Providing a Tax Credit for the Installation of Small Wind Generators at New York Homes, Farms, and Businesses Memo of Support

Legislation Opposed by ACE NY

Bill # Same as Sponsor Subject ACE NY Memo
A.5262 S.1755 A: Norris
S: Ortt
Relates to the location of certain wind electric generation facilities Memo of Opposition
A.9053-A   A: Jenne Relates to the location of certain wind electric generation facilities around Fort Drum Memo of Opposition
A.7757 S.2837-B A: Englebright
S: O'Mara
Establishes the Solar Panel Collection Act Memo of Opposition

Executive Budget Proposals Opposed by ACE NY

Bill Section Pages Subject ACE NY Memo
TED Bill GG p.339-342

Authorize the New York Power Authority to develop renewable energy projects, and to procure and sell renewable products to public entities and existing New York Power Authority customers.

Memo of Opposition