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ACE NY works hard to improve the opportunities for renewable energy and efficiency companies in New York, and we want your company to join us! New York’s ambitious 50% by 2030 Renewable Energy Standard and 80% by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals are both aggressive, and we have lots of work to do to make sure investment comes to New York and projects get built!

We work with our members to hammer out our policy positions. Then, with these goals in hand, we head to the Public Service Commission, NYSERDA, the NYS Legislature, and other arenas to promote real, practical solutions.  We participate in all of the PSC proceedings affecting clean energy business opportunities; we track RGGI progress; we monitor activities at the NYISO that affect the market for renewables; and in the Legislature, we track the bills that our member companies care about, taking opportunities to promote renewable energy and efficiency legislation.

 By joining ACE NY, we increase your company’s visibility and network and help you participate in NY policymaking.

ACE NY welcomes a standard that goes beyond 50% renewable electricity, and we push specific actions that help to get clean energy projects financed and constructed, particularly in the next three to five years. Modern and clean renewable electricity technologies—like wind and solar power—lie firmly at the intersection of progressive policy and economic progress. Getting many more renewable energy projects built is critical to achieving any real progress on climate change.

Our job at ACE NY is to keep our members informed with accurate and timely information, and to work hard to influence policy making to further our mission.

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More Details: Membership with ACE NY allows you to take an active, meaningful role in promoting clean energy and creating opportunities for growth in New York's clean energy economy. Joining ACE NY is an investment in your company’s future: the measure of our success is your success!

Get ahead of the curve: Gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of accurate, in-depth and timely information on the latest developments and opportunities for clean energy in New York State.

Influence what matters: Help shape New York’s public policies and markets through ACE NY’s strategic campaigns and other legislative and regulatory initiatives. Membership with ACE NY gives you access to the leaders and policymakers determining the future of clean energy.

Build your network: Meet and network with key companies and organizations through ACE NY’s conferences, in-person meetings and membership campaigns. ACE NY members represent a broad spectrum of viewpoints, creating a unique opportunity for information sharing, collaboration, and building a broad base of support for clean energy.

Increase visibility: Maximize your company’s profile through a host of opportunities including speaking at and sponsoring conferences and other events, and participating in numerous marketing and public outreach activities.

Member-only benefits: Participate in our bi-weekly membership briefings and active work groups; receive regular email updates on breaking news and weekly reports on media coverage of clean energy issues; and enjoy cost-saving discounts on conference registrations.

Please contact Zack Dufresne for additional information and costs: [email protected]

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