2018 American Wind Week

2018 American Wind Week

Posted on August 7, 2018

By Erin Landy

Sunday kicked off the 2nd Annual American Wind Week (August 5-11)! Supporters of wind energy across the U.S. launched American Wind Week last year when wind power became the country’s largest source of renewable energy capacity. Today, that leadership is growing with a record amount of wind power under construction at wind farms across America.

U.S. Wind Leadership

We can keep our lead in wind power because inexhaustible wind energy is a resource the U.S. can always harness. A typical new wind turbine in the U.S. can power the equivalent of more than 750 average homes. U.S. wind turbines are the most productive among countries with the highest levels of installed wind power, like China and Germany. 

U.S. Wind Jobs

Across the nation a record 105,000 Americans work in wind power, affordably and reliably
supplying over 6 percent of U.S. electricity, and creating clean air benefits worth more than $8 billion each year. Wind turbine technicians and solar installers are the nation’s two fastest growing jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Impressively, there are over 500 U.S. factories in the wind industry supply chain. The wind industry is proud to hire U.S. veterans at a rate 72 percent higher than the national workforce average.

Wind Works for all Americans
Wind power generates economic opportunity, homegrown energy, and clean air from sea to shining sea. From farming communities to factory towns, wind power brings new investment and new revenue to improve schools, roads and emergency services. Wind power is America’s newest cash crop, paying over $267 million dollars a year to farmers and ranchers who lease part of their land for wind turbines. An increased reliance on wind energy is good for our health and families because it avoids air pollution, creating nearly $8 billion in public health savings each year.

New York Wind Energy
For America’s Wind Week, we recognize that New York State is in on the wind power trend, ranking 14th  in the country for installed capacity of wind energy. The Empire State has 1,052 towers spinning now (27 projects) and 148 MW under construction. Our biggest wind farm is Maple Ridge, with 195 turbines, and the newest is Arkwright Summit, located in Chautauqua County, with 36 new turbines. In the Town of Denmark, the Copenhagen Wind Project is now under construction and should be making its own pollution-free energy by November 2018. New York’s wind energy needs to grow to achieve the 2030 goal of 50% renewable energy, and beyond.

Visit AmericanWindWeek.org  to learn more about wind power.

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